Transportation Law – 2022

Created in 2022 by the ALFA International Transportation Practice Group members, this 50-state compendium is an important resource.

The purpose of the Compendium is to provide a comprehensive source of information for ALFAI clients concerning relevant transportation law issues across the nation. The Compendium contains a quick reference for 13 common topics relating to transportation litigation. Some of these topics include:

  • 3rd Party Litigation Funding
  • Rule 30(b)(6) witness deposition travel requirements
  • Legal considerations in determining which jurisdiction applies when an employee is injured
  • Legal consideration regarding how long a vehicle/tractor-trailer must be held prior to release
  • States positions and standard in regards to taking pre-suit depositions
  • State mandated Zoom trials

This data was intentionally designed only to be a general reference guide, and not an exhaustive analysis of each state’s law on these subjects. Should you have questions, please contact a member of the ALFA International Transportation Practice Group, who can provide an in-depth analysis.

DISCLAIMER: Articles contained within this compendium provide information on general legal issues and are not intended to provide advice on any specific legal matter or factual situation. This information is not intended to create, and receipt of it does not constitute, a lawyer-client relationship. Readers should not act upon this information without seeking professional counsel.