Expertise. Risk Management. Information. Coordination. Communication.

Key factors for success in the transportation and logistics industries and the qualities your company requires in your legal representation. Companies nationwide rely on lawyers within ALFA International’s Transportation Practice Group for all their legal needs so their business can keep its eye on the road.

ALFA International’s Transportation Attorneys are available 24/7 to respond to serious accidents. In addition, the Transportation Practice Group’s rapid-response GO TEAM Directory provides immediate access to transportation attorneys. Click on the link to access the Go Team Directory:

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2023 Transportation Pictorial Directory


The challenges facing the highly regulated and fiercely competitive transportation and logistics industries can make even the most complex road map look simple. To respond effectively to immediate issues and proactively to emerging legislation, businesses need attorneys who are as well-versed in the industry as they are in the law.

As one of ALFA International’s most-seasoned and largest practice groups, the members of the Transportation Practice Group provide comprehensive, effective legal guidance to clients across the United States and Canada. With a high level of coordination and communication across our member firms, the group is the perfect partner for regional and national transportation companies whose vehicles travel the nation—and the world.

The ALFA International Transportation Practice Group offers your company skilled, knowledgeable transportation lawyers in all 50 states and Canada. And our lawyers have experience representing almost every type of common or private carrier, including companies that carry goods and passengers by truck, trailer, bus, rail, plane, and ship. We also serve equipment manufacturers, insurers, and third-party administrators.

Areas of Focus

  • Risk management and insurance
  • Commercial disputes
  • Property and casualty losses
  • Corporate and business law
  • Environmental issues and hazardous materials
  • Lobbying and government relations
  • Arbitration
  • Driver qualification
  • Labor and employment
  • Trade association law
  • OSHA compliance
  • Controlled substances and alcohol testing
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) matters
  • Litigation, including criminal defense, personal injury, and wrongful death
  • Regulatory compliance

Client Advisory Board (CAB)

The ALFA International Transportation Practice Group is grateful to have the  following clients contribute to our ongoing success by participating in our Client Advisory Board:

  • April Arnold, Vice President, Risk Manager, Daeske
  • Rebecca Baggett, Managing Attorney, Casualty Litigation, AutoZone
  • Max Brusky, Director, Claims Management, Bulkmatic, LLC
  • Leslie Buckley, Claims Manager, Tyson Foods, Inc
  • Chip Campbell, Director, Assistant General Counsel – Insurance, Old Dominion Freight
  • Rocky Coe, Claims Manager, McLane Company
  • Mark Dietz, Sr. Legal Counsel, DHL Global Business
  • Vallie Dugas, Associate General Counsel & Director of Safety – Claims Management, Melton Truck Lines, Inc.
  • Ryan Johnson, Assistant General Counsel, HUB Group
  • Leslie Leazer, Vice President of Claims & Litigation, Knight-Swift Transportation
  • Nathan Lundquist, Sr. VP of Claims, Progressive Insurance
  • Darren Mulford, Director of Litigation, JB Hunt Transportation Inc.
  • Misti Ramierz, Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder, EMA Risk Services
  • Trevor Uffelman, General Counsel and Chief Claims Officer, ATTIC


Sean F. McDonough
Boston, MA
United States
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Mary Beth White
Nashville, TN
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Lance Eberhart
Denver, CO
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Lesley Pfleging
Indianapolis, IN
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Alan B. Easterly
Chattanooga, TN
United States
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