Transportation Law – 2019

Created by the ALFA International Transportation Practice Group in 2019, this 50-state compendium is an important resource provided to ALFAI Transportation Practice Group members and participants.


The purpose of the Compendium is to provide a comprehensive source of information for ALFAI clients concerning relevant transportation law issues across the nation.  The Compendium contains a quick reference for 14 common topics relating to transportation litigation.  Some of these topics include:

  • An evaluation of venues/areas in each state that are considered dangerous or liberal
  • Significant trucking verdicts
  • Decisions and trends regarding spoliation and retention of in-cab videos
  • Regulations relating to automated driving systems (autonomous vehicles)
  • State-by-state decisions precluding Golden Rule and/or Reptile style arguments by Plaintiffs’ counsel
  • Statutory caps dealing with damage awards

This data was intentionally designed only to be a general reference guide, and not an exhaustive analysis of each state’s law on these subjects.  Should you have questions, please contact a member of the ALFA International Transportation Practice Group who can provide the appropriate in-depth analysis.