About ALFA International

ALFA International is the premier global network of independent law firms.

ALFA International is the premier network of independent law firms. Founded in 1980, ALFA International was the first and continues to be one of the largest and strongest legal networks. ALFA International has 140 member firms worldwide. Our 80 U.S. firms maintain offices in 95 of the 100 largest metropolitan areas. Our 60 international firms are located throughout Europe, Asia, Australia/New Zealand, Africa, Canada, Mexico and South America.


ALFA International’s mission is to use relationships to provide high-quality, cost-effective legal services wherever our clients need them. The ALFA International model enables members to use their local expertise to deliver highly effective legal solutions, often drawing upon ALFA International member firms’ collective wisdom and experience. ALFA International clients benefit from a geographically comprehensive network of exceptional law firms and accomplished trial and business counsel. Our member firms meet high standards to be part of the ALFA International network and are well respected by their legal and business community peers. 

The ALFA International Advantage

While ALFA International is an association of independent law firms, our members establish broad, deep relationships with each other by:

  • Attending ALFA International CLE seminars
  • Working together to author compendia
  • Collaborating on client matters

As a result, referrals among ALFA International firms represent partnerships between trusted friends and colleagues rather than one-off engagements. Similarly, ALFA International’s many events provide corporate counsel the opportunity to network among ALFA International lawyers and their in-house peers.  

Practice Areas

ALFA International attorneys have expertise across a full array of legal practice areas, a subset of which are supported through ALFA International Practice Groups. As part of our Practice Group structure, the attorneys work together to deliver exemplary educational programming, including seminars, webinars, onsite client presentations, reference materials, speakers, newsletters, and more.’

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*ALFA International member firms are each independent law firms. When engaging an ALFA International member firm, clients are encouraged to conduct any due diligence necessary to the specific engagement in order to assess the firm’s capabilities, resources, and professional liability insurance coverage to assure that the firm meets the requirements of the engagement.