Future Leaders Forum

Networking. Professional Development. Succession Planning.

ALFA International’s Future Leaders Forum provides young attorneys with the professional development and practical skills needed to become the next generation of leaders who will carry ALFA International into the future.

For any organization, the search to find the next generation of leaders is often time-consuming and daunting, yet critical to the continued success of the organization. ALFA International recognizes this challenge and has launched the Future Leaders Forum (FLF) to implement our strategic commitment to developing our young attorneys’ leadership skills to sustain and grow the ALFA International network for years to come.

FLF members are attorneys who have been in practice less than 15 years and were nominated to join the group by seasoned ALFA International members from their respective firms. Members of the FLF will learn valuable networking and business development skills and receive guidance for navigating and adapting to increased responsibility in their practice. In addition, they will be trained on how to become successful participants in the ALFA International network by learning about their ALFA International firm colleagues and being educated by ALFA International clients regarding their expectations for outside counsel.

Senior attorneys within ALFA International will mentor members of the FLF as they are integrated into ALFA International’s various practice groups. FLF members will be provided with opportunities to present on a panel with an experienced lawyer at one of ALFA International’s regional practice group seminars or webinars. This “front of the room” experience will eventually lead to opportunities to participate as a presenter at a national ALFA International seminar. They will also contribute by writing and editing legal compendia and white papers, giving FLF members exposure to different firms and client contacts worldwide.

Getting “buy-in” from FLF members now and providing them with incentives to invest in the ALFA International network will not only benefit the attorneys and firms themselves but will provide clients with the assurance that ALFA International member firms will meet their business needs over the long haul. The FLF also plans to include future leaders from client companies in their endeavors as the forum develops.