Companies that operate in the global marketplace benefit from employing a diverse, international workforce.

But protective nationalistic laws can be challenging and often disruptive for employees who travel or relocate internationally on the company’s behalf.

ALFA International’s network of immigration lawyers can facilitate the movement of your business’s executives, sales staff, and skilled workers from country to country while also ensuring your company is in compliance with immigration-related recordkeeping requirements.

Long gone are the days when only the largest multinational companies availed themselves of worldwide pools of potential talent. A mobile workforce means your business can hire seasoned executives, highly skilled professionals, and technical specialists from across the globe. And falling trade barriers mean your company’s sales and marketing staff may be traveling the world searching for new customers. But with these new opportunities also come potential challenges in the form of complex immigration rules and requirements.

Before your company hires a foreign worker, seriously contemplates relocating employees to another country or allows sales professionals to meet prospective clients overseas, you must give serious thought to logistical immigration issues. And with immigration law firms around the world, the lawyers of ALFA International can provide your company with seamless coordination of all of your business’s immigration needs.

ALFA International immigration attorneys also work with individual clients on personal immigration matters, including U.S. K-1 fiancé visas and K-3 wife/husband visas, sponsorship of visas for family members, student visas, and naturalization applications.

Areas of Focus

  • Immigrant and non-immigrant work visas
  • S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement I-9 compliance and audits
  • Permanent residency and citizenship
  • Expatriation of U.S. citizens
  • E-Verify procedures
  • Spousal work permits
  • Removal proceedings
  • Citizenship issues
  • Work permit exemptions

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