In today’s world of complex financial relationships, distressed businesses, their creditors, and interested third parties need experienced legal representatives who understand the competing needs—and common goals—that lead to successful outcomes.

As the global economy becomes increasingly complex, companies often find themselves playing multiple roles in transactions and investments: borrower, lender, guarantor, and interested third party. When distressed situations arise, businesses may find themselves in the position of debtor or creditor or with an opportunity to acquire assets that can strengthen their own portfolios and operations.

The bankruptcy attorneys of ALFA International understand that bankruptcy is more than just an indicator of a financial crisis. Instead, it provides an opportunity for debtors to reposition, restructure, and reinvigorate their operations, a means for creditors to increase the likelihood of repayment; and an occasion for competitors and allies to shore up their market positions.

With substantial experience representing clients in all aspects of bankruptcy and reorganization processes—including trustees, creditors, debtors, and third-party interests—we assist clients in developing effective strategies and implementing focused, tactical alternatives. Our ability to examine distressed situations from multiple perspectives is a key, common attribute of the bankruptcy practitioners in ALFA International member firms. We are focused on the bottom line, helping clients address financial difficulties and reposition themselves for long-term success.

Areas of Focus

  • Bankruptcies—voluntary and involuntary—insolvencies, restructurings, and workouts
  • Creditor representation and service on creditor committees
  • Legislative monitoring and lobbying
  • Litigation, including breach of duty, claims against insiders, filing of involuntary bankruptcy petitions, fraudulent transfers, and preferences
  • Negotiation and documentation of Chapter 11 plans
  • Representation of bondholders and indenture trustees
  • Resolving disputes involving real estate and leased property
  • Acquisitions and liquidations of physical and non-physical assets in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Debtor in possession financings
  • Assignments for the benefit of creditors under state law

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