Intellectual Property & Information Technology

Whether your company is regional, national, or multinational, it is operating in a global economy.

Proprietary information moves instantaneously throughout your company’s network, and valuable intellectual property is created every day in your business.

Securing and enforcing patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets builds value in your business and helps you stay ahead of the competition. To remain competitive, your business cannot afford to leave its intellectual assets unprotected or to forego enforcing its intellectual property rights.

Regardless of your industry, all organizations hold mission-critical knowledge-based resources and brands in one form or another.

Your company needs experienced attorneys whose insights and knowledge can help encourage innovation in your organization and fully protect the assets you’ve developed while maximizing their market value. Your business also requires the assurance that its IP and IT systems are secure in all corners of the world and that contracts for critical information technology infrastructure and e-commerce solutions are negotiated and managed, so your business is fully protected. The ALFA International Intellectual Property & Information Technology Practice Group can be your partner in these efforts.

ALFA International’s IP attorneys are active and experienced in addressing complex intellectual property issues within their jurisdiction and worldwide and can assist in securing intellectual property protection, managing your portfolios, licensing, counseling, and IP litigation. In addition, ALFA International IT attorneys have experience with the myriad interrelated aspects of technology development, acquisition, licensing, and sales, as well as digital security, privacy, and e-commerce.

Our intellectual property and information technology lawyers can help your company design, build, acquire, license, secure, and defend these systems, processes, and assets around the corner or around the world.

Geographically, the Intellectual Property & Information Technology Practice Group is one of the most diverse within ALFA International, a direct reflection of the global importance of intellectual property assets and technology solutions. Member firms and attorneys are located across the Americas, Canada, Europe, and the Pacific Rim, and our network continues to expand. This international presence, combined with the coordinated resources of ALFA International, enables us to serve your company virtually everywhere you do business.

Patent Law Areas of Focus

  • Negotiation of patent-related transactions and drafting of licensing, consulting, and confidentiality agreements
  • Preparation and prosecution of utility and design patent applications
  • Prosecution and oppositions before international patent offices
  • Interference, reissue, and re-examination proceedings
  • Preparation of patentability, infringement, freedom to operate use, and validity opinions
  • Patent infringement litigation and administrative proceedings

Trademark & Copyright Law Areas of Focus

  • Preparation and prosecution of trademark, service mark, and copyright applications
  • Preparation of availability, registrability, infringement, and non-infringement opinions
  • Negotiation of trademark and copyright-related transactions, such as licensing and confidentiality agreements
  • Trademark and copyright monitoring and enforcement
  • Trademark and copyright infringement litigation, administrative proceedings, and preparation of entertainment contracts

Trade Secrets Law Areas of Focus

  • Advising on trade secret protection programs
  • Litigating trade secret misappropriation cases

Information Technology & Computer Law Areas of Focus

  • Drafting and negotiating complex information technology and telecommunicating contracts
  • Advising in the creation and maintenance of websites
  • Protecting and licensing copyrighted content on the Internet
  • Counseling on issues such as privacy, defamation, electronic commerce, security, and encryption