2023 International Client Seminar Course Materials

2023 International Client Seminar

March 2-5, 2023
La Quinta Resort & Spa, La Quinta (Palm Springs), California

2023 Program Chair

Schaun Henry 
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Course Book Editor

Tim Peeples
Oxford, Mississippi

Course Materials

General Sessions

The Future Is Ours to See

Identifying and Managing the Risks Associated with Global Electromobility

Breakout Sessions – Round 1

1. Be An Ally, or Better Yet, An Accomplice: An Open Dialogue on How to Navigate Evolving Expectations About Equality and Fairness in Everyday Encounters and Dealing with Microaggressions

2. Brave New “Labor” World

3. After the Eve of Creative Destruction

Breakout Sessions – Round 2

1. Move Over, Millennials….and Welcome Gen Z!

2. How the COVID-19 Crisis Has Reshaped the Presentation, Techniques & Tactics in Arbitration Practice

3. If That’s Movin’ Up, Then I’m Movin’ Out: Ideas on How to Prevent Your Employees (and Your Management Team) from Having a Heart Attack

4. The Evolution of M&A Due Diligence – New Issues in a New World

  1.  Sample Due Diligence Information Questions 
  2. Due Diligence Sample Format Page
  3. Litera – Unexpected Benefits of AI in Transactional Law
  4. Luminance Concept List – User Portal – Updated Version 2
  5. 5. Article – Inside ESG-Winter 2023-Start with Why-ESG Due Diligence
  6. ABA Technology in M&A Directory – 2022-01-28
  7. Baird – ESG M&A considerations May 2022
  8. CRS – ESG issues in M&A Checklist
  9. Intralinks – The Growing Importance of ESG to EMEA M&A
  10. Invest Europe – ESG DD questionnaire
  11. Summary – Inside ESG-Winter 2023-Start with Why-ESG Due Diligence

Roundtable Sessions 

1. The Workplace in the Era of the Jetsons: A Look at How Technology Has and Will Continue to Change Our Lives

2. Get Ready to Be Plugged in or Left Behind – Opportunities and Risks of Being an EV-Friendly Business

3. Mobile Applications, Social Media Advertising and the Internet of Things: What’s Your App-Etite for Risk

4. Wellness and the Great Awakening: It’s Not Just a Buzzword Anymore

5. Complex Restrictive Covenant Topics for the Advanced Practitioner

6. The IP Risks of Change, And How to Minimize Them – Luck Favors the Prepared

7. Kids/People Say the Darndest Thing!

8. The Walls Come Tumblin’ Down: Cross-Border and Overseas Discovery in International Litigation

9. Not in the Playbook: Navigating Supply Chain Disruption and Material Price Volatility in Construction – An International View