Hospitality & Retail - 2019 -


1. What is your state’s law on the use of CBD oil in products to be sold to the public, i.e. cosmetics, etc.?

Currently, CBD oil is legal for use by people in Alaska as long as it is sourced from industrial hemp, specifically from the plant’s stalks and seeds. CBD products that are allowed for use in the state must have a low amount of THC. Regulations regarding CBD oil are still in flux. As of early 2019, CBD oil had not been approved to be used in food, drinks or edibles.

2. Regarding privacy issues, has your state adopted its own version of GDPR or how is your state dealing with GDPR requirements? What other privacy laws has your state adopted recently in response to concerns about the lack of protections for consumers?

Alaska adopted the Personal Information Protection Act in 2009, found at found Alaska Statutes AS 45.48. et. seq. The Act contains seven articles that deal with all areas of personal information and the rights and protections consumers have and can expect from individuals and businesses that handle their personal information.
The main articles in the Personal Information Protection Act are:

• Breach of Security of Personal Information — requires disclosure of breaches of security involving personal information, including avenues of recourse and penalties for failing to notify
• Credit Report and Credit Score Security Freeze — allows consumers to freeze and unfreeze access to their personal information at their discretion for a minimal fee
• Protection of Social Security Number — by restricting sale and distribution
• Disposal of Records — requires complete destruction of electronic and paper records that contain personal information
• Right to File Police Report Regarding Identity Theft — allowing a person that falls victim to identity theft to make a factual declaration of innocence
• Truncation of Card Information — setting up guidelines for use of card numbers on receipts, which codifies in statute a practice that is fast becoming common business practice
• General Provisions — provides definitions for terms within the chapter, and cites the short title of the bill as the Alaska Personal Information Protection Act