2024 International Client Seminar Course Materials

2024 International Client Seminar

February 29 – March 3, 2024
El Conquistador Resort | Fajardo, Puerto Rico

2024 Program Chair

Cate Jackson
Lynchburg, Virginia

Course Book Editor

Byrona Maule
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Assistant Course Book Editor

Andrew Douberly
Sarasota, Florida

Course Materials

General Sessions

Artificial Intelligence – The New Gold Standard?
Game, Set, Match: “It’s Not Whether You Win or Lose … Yes, It Is!”

Breakout Sessions – Group 1

1. Winning AI Gold for In-House Legal Departments (& Avoiding the Agony of Defeat)
2. Exercise and Strengthen Your Cultural Competence to Improve Collaborative Performance and Reduce Risk
3. Cool Runnings – The Power of Perseverance
4. Skeletons in the Closet: Navigating Privacy Issues for Better Data Protection and Brand Success in the Future

Breakout Sessions – Group 2

1. The 5 Olympic Rings of Crisis Communication: Commitment, Communication, Concentration, Control & Confidence: How to Ensure Your Company Medals Gold
2. Smokey Joe’s “Agony of Defeat” Blues Saloon: Where Olympic-Quality Lawyers Come to Sing the Blues
3. Beyond Courtrooms and Closings: An Exchange of Ideas on Corporate Citizenship and Giving
4. Seller Due Diligence – Olympic Success or Epic Fail 

Roundtable Sessions

1. If It Doesn’t Walk Like a Duck or Quack Like a Duck, Can It Still Be a Duck? Working Collaboratively to Find Resolutions to DEI Issues That Don’t “Check the Box”
2. The Lasso Way: We Want a Tie!
3. Keeping the Gold: Maintaining a Successful Business When Transitioning from the Boomer to the Net Generation and Generation Z
4. Expertly Working with Expert Witnesses: How to Collaborate to Win the Case
5. Immigration and the Modern Workforce – A Match Not Quite Made in Heaven
6. Takeaways From Recent Trade Secret Trials
7. It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time: How to Make Effective Decisions Under Conflict
8. Faster, Higher? and Stronger – Evolving Global Marijuana Laws and Their Impact on Employers