2022 International Client Seminar Course Materials

2022 International Client Seminar

March 3-6, 2022
Hyatt Regency Lost Pines, Cedar Creek, Texas 

2022 Program Chair

Chris Page
Raleigh, North Carolina

Course Book Editor

Catherine Jackson
Roanoke, Virginia

Assistant Course Book Editor

Tim Peeples
Oxford, Mississippi

Course Materials

General Sessions

FIRST ACT: “Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Lend Me Your Ears!”: The Art of The Opening Statement

SECOND ACT: Choose Your Own Adventure: Exploring Creative Solutions to Resolving Complex Disputes (And What You Can Take Away from The Journey)

THE FINAL ACT: Closing Argument: Ethos and Ethics

Breakout Sessions 

And Then There Were None: How to Investigate the Agatha Christie Way

Stand Up and Listen! Lessons From the Great Comedians About Interactive Storytelling

Humanizing The Wizard of Oz: Changing A Judge and Jury’s Perception of  the Corporate Defendant by Revealing Its Inner Self That’s Behind the Curtain

What Matters to You? Telling Your Company’s ESG Story

Roundtable Sessions

Whose Case Is It Anyway? The Role of Improvisation in Storytelling in And Out of The Courtroom

One-Size-Fits-None: Practical Tips for National Employers on Developing and Enforcing a National Non-Compete Program

How to Make Your Appeal Appealing: Telling a Good Post-Trial Story

Candyland—An IP Protection Adventure Game!

Tell It to The Judge…Or The Jury…Or The Arbitrator? Before You Tell Your Story…Know Your Audience!

Lost In Translation? Let Millennials Craft the Message for Millennial Jurors

The Story’s Already Been Told: How News Reporting Can Impact Defense and Trial Strategy

Science Doesn’t Sell Itself; It Needs a Story