Corporate Transactions Capabilities – Spain

Types of corporate transactions in which our firm has particular expertise

For the last 25 years, Buigas, ALFA International’s member firm in Spain, has successfully advised more than 300 transactions of all sorts, both in Spain and abroad, between listed or private companies, acting for a wide range of Spanish and foreign clients in all sectors of industry and capital markets, handling the most complex cross-jurisdictional deals in virtually every jurisdiction. Our M&A team has a sophisticated international transactional practice representing clients in cross-border transactions including mergers and acquisitions, capital market financings, securities transactions, asset transactions, restructurings and MBO’s. Our team has wide experience in:

  • Advise on acquisitions and sale of all kind of private companies through purchases, mergers and capital
  • Advise in acquisitions of listed companies (takeovers), including public-to-private transactions and the exclusion of minority shareholders, public offers and listing of
  • Turn-arounds, restructurings and investments in companies in financial difficulties (distressed M&A).
  • National and international mergers, disposals and assignments of assets and
  • Leveraged buy-outs (LBOs), management buy-outs (MBOs) and management buy- ins (MBIs).
  • Acquisition financing, senior and mezzanine financing and vendor
  • Bond issues, high yield bonds and other debt
  • Asset

The size of our firm’s corporate transactions team

Our corporate transactions team is composed of 15 lawyers from several practice areas such as M&A, tax, IP, litigation and labour who work closely and assisted by the main corporate partners.

Examples of transactions our firm has undertaken

  • Acted for Elior S.A. in the acquisition of Grupo Areas and Serunion for 225m€ and advised in the concessions regarding catering industry in motorways and airports in Spain and countries of Latin
  • Acted for Grupo Picking Pack S.A. on the acquisition of Ola Internet, S.A through swap of shares for 200m€, the acquisition of Logic Control, S.A. and the acquisition of Udo Holdings PLC, listed company of London’s stock market, through an exclusion takeover bid for 150m€.
  • Acted for Service Point Solutions, S.A., a company listed in the stock market of Barcelona and Madrid, dedicated to digital reprography and facilities management, for the acquisition of the Dutch Company Cendris for 28m€, the Norwegian Company Allkopi for 16m€, the acquisition of the majority shareholding of the French Company Reprotechnique for 12m€ and the Swedish Holmbergs, AG for 12m€.
  • Acted for the American group Halma, dedicated to health, environmental and security technology, on the acquisition of 100% of the share capital of the Spanish company Visiometrics, L. for 170m€.
  • Advised 21Invest in an equity investment in the consortium of investors for the acquisition of Grupo Applus, world’s leading company in technical inspection and
  • Advised Investindustrial in an equity investment in the theme park Port Aventura for 150m€.
  • Acted for the French multinational group Sligos S.A in the acquisition of 3 companies of software development for 76m€.
  • Advised Unión Tostadora S.A., dedicated to coffee roasting, in the acquisition of the Dutch group Drie Mollen for 70m€, the food group Israeli Elite for 60m€ and Caffe Confectionary Group Gmbh for 65m€.
  • Acted for Black Toro Capital Partners on the acquisition of Gas Gas Motos, S.A., dedicated to engine manufacturing for 48m€.
  • Acted for Inaer Inversiones Aéreas S.L., a company dedicated to emergency aviation services and aircraft maintenance, on the acquisition of CEGISA, S.A and
  • Acted for the Scottish group Low & Bonar PLC for the acquisition of Rotec Plastics A., for 35m€.
  • Acted for GH Electrotermia, dedicated to inducting mechanisms for the aeronautical industry, on a majority equity investment by Miura Private Equity S.G.E.C.R. S.A for 28m€.
  • Acted for the acquisition of the group SCR, engaged in urban waste collecting services and treatment and dump management, to the German group RWE Umwelt AG for 20m€ and the acquisition of Cator S.A., dedicated to industrial oil management and its recycling, for 10m€.
  • Advised Halma International Ltd in the acquisition of 100% of shares of the Spanish company Setco, A. for 17m€.
  • Advised Ariol Capital Ltd. through its Spanish subsidiary in the acquisition of 100% of shares of Repli, L. for 15m€.
  • Acted for Lladró S.A in the acquisition of the jewellery company Carrera y Carrera for 15m€.
  • Acted for Facsa, S.A., dedicated to heating resistance manufacturer, on the acquisition of the Swedish group Nibe Industries for 5m€.
  • Advised the Luxembourger fund Eurofins Agrosciences Services Lux Holding Sarl., dedicated to the agropharma, in the purchase of the 100% of the shares of the Spanish entity Trialcamp, L. by for 9m€.
  • Advised Laboratorios Diafarm, S.A., dedicated to pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products, in the sale of the 100% of the share capital to Faes Farma S.A. for 5m€.
  • Advised BNB Recruitment Overseas Holding Limited in the sale of the majority shareholding to the executive tem for 30m€.
  • Advised Sugar Valley S.A, dedicated to the development, manufacturing, distribution and sale of technological products and systems for the treatment of pool water and industrial waters, in the sale of the 100% of the shares to Hayward Industries, for 28m€.
  • Advised Zeus Química, S.L., dedicated to the ingredients for food and chemical industry, in the sale of the 100% of the shares to the Swedish group DKNSH for 25m€.
  • Advised Landon Investments, SCR in the sale of the shares to the Japanese company NTT Data Corporation for 16m€.
  • Advised Clesa Group in the sale of the total shares of Nuprosa S.A and Lácteos de Moncayo, L. for 12m€.
  • Advised Kukje-Chum Nam S.A, dedicated to leather tanning, in the sale of the assets to the group Colomer Munmany for 10m€.
  • Advised Scorpion Sistemas S.A., dedicated to hardware and software marketing, in the sale of the 100% of the shares to Tecnocom for 6m€.
  • Acted for the French group Gemalto SP, S.A, dedicated to the graphic arts sector, on the merge through absorption of Avalon Biometrics, S.L. and Swiss Mobility Solutions, L.U., dedicated to information technologies and IT services.
  • Advised the listed Spanish company Natraceutical, S.A. in the contribution of the global ingredients divisions, listed entity in Paris’s stock market and in the equity investment in the same entity for 55m€ through assets contribution of Natraceutical in exchange of securities of Naturex.
  • Acted for California Olive Ranch advising the Spanish investor group and the North-American company California Olive Ranch Co, dedicated to olive trees cultivation, manufacturing and sale of oil, in the equity investment fund Agis, property of Harvard University, for the amount of 35m$.
  • Acted for Durero Packaging S.A. for the acquisition of 49% of the shares of the mixed Cuban company Durero Caribe A. for 4m€.