Ruud Brunninkhuis with BUREN (The Netherlands), Appointed Curator in the Bankruptcy of Saint Basics BV, Investigates the Company’s Options

The Hague, November 23, 2023 – The District Court of The Hague declared the bankruptcy of Saint Basics BV on Tuesday, November 21, 2023. Ruud Brunninkhuis, lawyer at BUREN, has been appointed as curator in this bankruptcy. The curator is currently investigating the options for temporary provisional continuation and for a restart of the Saint Basics BV company or for a separate sale of parts thereof.

Saint Basics BV
Saint Basics sells sustainable basics through its webshop, including underwear, T-shirts and yoga clothing for men and women. Saint Basics started in 2010 as an idealistic alternative to environmentally polluting fast fashion . Saint Basics worked with a Portuguese manufacturer who produced the products in an environmentally and human-friendly way. Saint Basics products consist of TENCEL eucalyptus, making the basics 95% more environmentally friendly. Saint Basics has a wide reach among conscious consumers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the rest of the European Union.

Continuation, restart
The curator is currently investigating the options for continuing the companies and for a restart. The curator is also investigating the possibilities for selling parts. To this end, an information memorandum  has been drawn up in which interested parties are further informed about the company and its assets. Interested parties in a restart of Saint Basics BV (or parts thereof) can contact the curator via [email protected] or Carlijn Streelder via [email protected] .

Consequences for creditors and suppliers
Creditors of Saint Basics BV can submit their claim(s) to the curator. This can be done via the specially designed bankruptcy pages under “Submit a claim”. These pages can be found via You can also report tips and irregularities relating to the bankruptcy via these pages. You will also find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Furthermore, the positions of possible security holders, suppliers with a property law claim, and other creditors with possible privileges are examined.

Bankruptcy tracking and information
For information, please refer to the bankruptcy pages mentioned above. If you are interested in the progress of these bankruptcies, you can follow the further progress of the bankruptcy in question via the “Follow this bankruptcy” button. You will then receive the relevant bankruptcy reports and other publications, as soon as available, automatically sent to the e-mail address you specified.