Corporate Transactions Capabilities – Israel

Dardik Gross & Co. is ALFA International’s member firm in Israel, specializing in the commercial segment of the law while focusing on the following fields: Corporate law, international transactions, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), energy and natural resources, Israel work visas (B-1) and other immigration issues, Israel employment law, communication and media, transportation, franchise, infrastructure projects, tenders, compliance issues, administrative law, regulation, real estate, security and guarding law, civil and commercial litigation, intellectual property litigation, private law, etc.

Types of corporate transactions in which our firm has particular expertise

Dardik, Gross & Co. is a boutique, full-service law firm, located in the Tel-Aviv district and specializing in Commercial and Civil law. The firm is highly regarded for expertly handling both local and international cases. Dardik, Gross & Co., (the “Firm”) is ranked by numerous prestigious publications as one of Israel’s leading law firms in the fields of International Commercial Law, Immigration Law (Work Permits for Expatriates to Israel and abroad), M&As, Oil & Gas and Franchise Law. The Firm has been consecutively ranked as a leading Israeli firm in the field of International Commercial Law by both Dun & Bradstreet and BDI for the years 2011-2018. In 2018 the Firm was recognized as one of the three “elite” leading law firms in Israel for immigration and relocation services.

The firm is characterized by the breadth of its international activity, based upon our legal team’s full command of foreign languages and almost two decades’ worth of experience in providing local and multinational corporations with legal services. We provide our clients with comprehensive and on-going service in a one-stop-shop manner so that every client receives top-notch bespoke legal services of the highest quality.

We advise both companies and private individuals, Israelis and foreign residents alike, and provide each with cutting-edge legal services at all levels of their activity. Each client is provided with a carefully-tailored service package suitable for its own special needs. Our firm guides Israeli clients in their various activities overseas, which is enabled by our keen business understanding and excellent English and Spanish communication skills and in turn, this has resulted in the amassing of significant international transactional experience.

Dardik Gross & Co.’s commercial team advises numerous large multi-national corporations relating to large-scale international commercial transactions including: pharmaceutical and healthcare distribution; worldwide franchising agreements; high-tech and international telecommunication services; resale and licensing; and automobile, heavy industry and machinery resale and servicing.

The size of our firm’s corporate transactions team

Dardik Gross & Co.’s commercial practice consists of two senior partners and ten associates.

  • Advocates Amnon Dardik and Dan Gross, founding partners of the firm, co-head the commercial practice.

Examples of transactions our firm has undertaken

  • Dardik Gross & Co., serves as Israel counsel to British Telecom (BT) handling day-to-day business matters corporate governance and regulatory guidance vis-à-vis the Israeli Ministry of Communications, for the Israeli affiliate, BT Communications Israel Ltd.
  • Dardik Gross & Co., represents the Alliance Group of Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi handling day-to-day business matters and regulatory guidance vis-à-vis the Israeli Ministry of Transport. The Firm has assisted Renault to establish a research and development centre in Israel – the Innovation Laboratory, which is government funded and whose remit is to conduct proof of concept trials for motoring technology equipment and applications devised and produced by local, Israeli technology companies.
  • The Firm assisted with all aspects of the Innovation Laboratory’s successful establishment throughout the past 18 months. The Firm is involved, on an ongoing basis, in the engagements (including all required contractual paperwork) with the start-ups considered by the Alliance Group as candidates for research and development.
  • In a nutshell, technological labs established and operated by franchise holders which are funded by the Israel Innovation Authority (“IIA”) need to be approved as an IIA technological innovation lab at the end of a preliminary public tender procedure managed by the IIA and are subject to the Innovation Lab Scheme.
  • Dardik Gross & Co., serves as legal counsel to Michal Negrin Designs Ltd., the owners of the international jewellery, fashion and interior design brand of Michal Negrin. We have created franchise agreements for the brand in more than twenty countries including: Israel, USA, China, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Croatia, Taiwan, Australia, UK, France, Italy, Hungary, Canada, Singapore, Netherlands, Montenegro, Germany, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland and Belgium.
  • Representing VC Fund invest in an Israeli start-up company Metaflow LTD., in a Series A Convertible Preferred Stock investment round initially convertible on a 1:1 basis into shares of the Company’s Ordinary Shares.
  • Franchise Agreement to govern the franchise, construction and operation of Marriott Courtyard hotels in Jerusalem and Herzelia, Israel, incorporating local legal issues relating to hotel franchises as well as local business custom and practice affecting the franchise relationship. This matter is important for it marked the entrance of Marriott to the Israeli market.
  • Asset deal. Sale of Newvem Ltd., to Datapipe Europe Ltd., for US $3 million, release of funds held in escrow used to safeguard any indemnification claims.
  • Automation Distribution Agreement for mechanical parts with local distributor. Agreement based on preferable terms for a “market maker”. Matter is important as it anticipates greater participation and expansion of the client in the local market.