Huie, Fernambucq & Stewart, LLP (Birmingham, AL) Secured an Unanimous Defense Verdict in Traffic Light Case

On June 29, 2023, following a three-day trial, Jennifer Egbe and Will Thompson secured a defense verdict for the City of Birmingham in the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Alabama.  This case involved allegations of a malfunctioning or defective traffic signal.  Plaintiff sustained injuries in a two-vehicle accident at an intersection in Ensley, Alabama, and filed suit against the City of Birmingham and the striking driver.

Plaintiff alleged in her Complaint that the City negligently failed to maintain its traffic signals at an intersection in Ensley.  Plaintiff further claimed that this alleged malfunction or defect caused two conflicting green traffic lights and a crash between Plaintiff and the striking driver.  At trial, the City successfully rebutted a presumption of negligence regarding its maintenance of the traffic signal, and presented evidence that the signal neither malfunctioned nor was defective at the time of the crash.  Following a three-day trial, the jury unanimously determined the signal was not negligently maintained or defective and returned a verdict for the City of Birmingham.