Collaboration Between Philalia AG and Wicki Partners AG (Switzerland) – philLaw Is Now Empowered

Philalia AG and Wicki Partners AG recently announced a partnership focused on supporting the philanthropic sector. This collaboration combines Philalia’s expertise in the philanthropic ecosystem with Wicki Partners’ legal knowledge to support social change initiatives.

The partnership is based on the discovery of synergies between the two organizations’ efforts, identified through discussions and joint projects. It aims to leverage their resources, expertise, and networks to address social challenges more effectively.

Philalia’s philLaw division, operated by Wicki Partners, will offer specialized legal services designed to assist foundations and associations throughout their organizational lifecycles. Wicki Partners will provide strategic advice, financial guidance, and operational support under philLaw, ensuring these organizations align with their missions.

PhilLaw will also offer guidance on navigating both international complexities and Swiss national tax laws, helping organizations optimize their tax strategies within compliance frameworks. Additionally, philLaw is committed to conducting thorough due diligence and risk assessments for philanthropic ventures, aiming to protect and enhance the impact of these initiatives.

This partnership is an opportunity for both organizations to deepen their commitment to social responsibility. Wicki Partners is integrating a philanthropic approach into its due diligence processes, reflecting a broader goal of making a positive societal impact through legal counsel.

Philalia leverages Switzerland’s leadership in philanthropy to build connections between Swiss and international philanthropic organizations, using its team of experts and research lab to develop innovative solutions for the sector.

Wicki Partners AG, with its expertise in corporate law and a commitment to innovation and accessibility in legal services, supports entrepreneurs and businesses through various stages of growth and change. The firm emphasizes the importance of a diverse, equal, and inclusive work environment for fostering creativity and delivering effective solutions to its clients.

This collaboration between Philalia and Wicki Partners aims to enhance the effectiveness of philanthropic initiatives, reflecting both organizations’ dedication to social change and community support.

In their joint statement, Dr. Peter Buss and Abel Mon Jardin, Founders of Philalia AG, announced:

“… Balthasar Wicki brings forth a reservoir of legal acumen that seamlessly aligns with our unwavering commitment to philanthropy. The merger of our philanthropic vision with Wicki Partners’ legal expertise underscores the paramount importance we place on fostering a harmonious relationship between philanthropic pursuits and legal exigencies. As we firmly believe, there must be a common understanding between philanthropic pursuits and legal needs. Once this understanding is established, positive and impactful changes happen, leading to lasting progress… “

Balthasar Wicki, Founder and Partner at Wicki Partners AG announced:

“We are looking forward to collaborating with Philalia. Philalia’s outstanding philanthropic matches perfectly expertise with our legal expertise and international network. Clients will benefit from this strong connection. Our practices and values within the philanthropic vision align seamlessly with Philalia’s robust good principles.”

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