Courtroom Sciences, Inc.

Courtroom Sciences, Inc. (CSI) partners with law firms and corporate legal departments throughout the entire litigation lifecycle.

Courtroom Sciences, Inc. can help from the moment a crisis occurs through record retrieval, court reporting and deposition scheduling, witness training and preparation, settlement and trial research, trial preparation, jury selection, and the trial itself. 

CSI’s focus on empirical research and scientific methodology, combined with its expertise in human behavior prediction and modification, has helped insulate companies from runaway settlements and nuclear verdicts for over 30 years. Visit the website or call 800.514.5879 to learn more.


Kanasky Bill Courtroom Sciences Inc

Dr. Bill Kanasky, Jr. 
Senior Vice President, Litigation Psychology
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Khaleeluddin Mansoor Courtroom Sciences Inc

Mansoor Khaleeluddin
Vice President of Marketing
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