Attorney Grace Byrd With Sills Cummis & Gross P.C. (Newark, NJ and New York, NY) Reports On New Jersey’s New Temp Workers’ Bill of Rights

Sills Cummis’ Grace Byrd discusses New Jersey’s new so-called “Temporary Workers’ Bill of Rights.”

As seen in this article, “Grace Byrd … described this as a ‘groundbreaking’ overhaul in New Jersey — and nationwide, as few similar examples exist of these changes in compensation, benefits and protections for temporary workers. From conversations Byrd is having from the management-side labor and employment counsel perspective, temporary staffing agencies and the companies that use their services know they have a host of new compliance requirements to prepare for. ‘It’s still hard to assess what the full ramifications of the law will be,’ Byrd said. ‘But, in terms of what we’re hearing from clients … they expect it does create significant impacts for them. So, they’ve really been taking time ahead of many of the different components of the law going into effect to assess their procedures and practices.’”

“Byrd added that some companies might not be inclined to think about this at all right now. ‘While staffing agencies all definitely have this on their radar, clients who use third-party staffing for seasonal needs that haven’t come into effect this year yet — such as retail clients, the hospitality sector or moving or trucking industries — they might not be focused on the new law and its impact on the business,’ she said.”

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